Wedding etiquette

wedding etiquette

Wedding etiquette has changed a lot over the years, and never has this been more true than in the 21st century.
We've put together a list of our top 10 all-too-common wedding etiquette mistakes so that you can avoid as many of them as possible—plus be.
Soon-to-be brides certainly don't need to be told that the 21st century has ushered in a new era of wedding etiquette. They've likely already....

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But so perfect for them and their friend group. We had three tiers of fruit cake for our wedding cake. Read Whole Story Oh, no she didn't!... They should also participate in any activities like a receiving line or a bouquet toss. Your video begins in. We had our officiant make a statement before the ceremony to please put all cell phones away and be in the moment. It's great that you want to show what an amazing wedding the couple threw and Instagram the cake and flowers.

wedding etiquette

Tri: Wedding etiquette

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  • Distribute rose petals or confetti to guests after ceremony. And try to make everyone feel comfortable by offering a mix of familiar and new faces at each table.
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