Planning wedding tips from real brides

planning wedding tips from real brides

Talk openly and honestly with your family about what you expect a wedding to be . TIP #7: “My advice to brides who are busy planning: stay true to your heart.
So much of your wedding planning requires simply your own tastes and personal touches and that's exactly what these real brides tips will tell you!.
What are the things that no-one tells you about their wedding day? Here 10 real brides reveal their big day secrets..

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Over the past few months I realize more and more just how important that decision was. My wedding coordinator loved that I was so organized. Fiona Campbell , the wedding writer and photographer. Lastly, make sure to take little moments throughout the wedding day to savor everything—the emotion, the sights, the smells, the sounds. Wedding budgets are all about balance. You must make sure there's ample time for setup. We had to reschedule our photos for later in the day due to a downpour — luckily the sun came out and a rainbow appeared, so it actually worked out perfectly!

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However, it eventually did! Ask your friends about their experiences too — they will have totally different stories and angles that will enrich your memories. I decided to bring together some of my favorite bits of advice from real Junebug brides to help with the stress. Subscribe to Perfect Wedding magazine.

planning wedding tips from real brides

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Photos Get Inspired Engagement Photos. Are you having a wedding day hashtag? Do what you want, because no-one else will notice at the end of the day apart from you two. There is only so much advice you can listen to when it comes to planning your big day! Photo of the Day. At the end of the day, you get to start the rest of your life with your best friend — everything else is just details. Photo Credit: Errol Colon Photography.

planning wedding tips from real brides