Images mezzanin daniel aschwanden text

images mezzanin daniel aschwanden text

Un canal verra le jour entre Rennaz et le lac Léman (en image le canal des Grangettes situé sur la commune à Rennaz», lâche Daniel Mon- net. Les comptes 2012 font l'unanimité au législatif. Unanimité Aschwanden, ancien chef de l'ad- mezzanine, cave, réduit, garage individuel et place de.
All texts and photos are copyright free. .. Soon Aschwanden concentrated on lenses with variable diffrac- . Daniel Gutenberg .. in CH (Mezzanine).
The recorded images of the dancing body are sampled and distorted by electronic processing. .. [Posted by Yukihiko Yoshida] SPIRAL by Kyoko Nagashima; text by Yukihiko Yoshida (dance . Dance and Process: Daniel Linehan, Melanie Maar, and Jillian Pe a:: The Kitchen Daniel Aschwanden (Vienna).

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Whilst my views on the shortcomings of hyperchoreography are a matter of public record, I no longer wish to criticise without making a positive contribution. The motione project of the Arts, Media and Engineering AME program at ASU, brings together choreographers Trisha Brown and Bill T. The aesthetic and conceptual import of digital performance pieces is linked to the ordering of a piece's technological components.
images mezzanin daniel aschwanden text

Thematically, the performances delved into "left overs," debris, decomposing sites, dumps, and the idea of re-cycling of landfills: what is returned needs to be transported from one site to. In Tap-n-bass, we aimed at making a tap dance performance that would produce booming bass and fast syncopated rhythms reminiscent of drum-n-bass, while staying true to the genre of tradition of tap dancing and its characteristic sound. The video of the whole event catches the excitement of the event. Performance : Matan Levkowich. Presented within a specially conceived, adaptable hemispherical set that houses a dynamic visual environment and performed by a company of seven dancers, the production allows technology and artists to interact. This re contextualised application will reveal the possibility of distributed choreographic collaboration and concurrent visual representation of motive intertexts. Using motion capture, web tools, animation, games engines, sound and movement dotdotdot presents a series of animated interactive vignettes. A GESTURE FOR EUROPE. Supported by DanceWeb and Life Long burning wild cards

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