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INDIVIDUAL COLOR CREATIONS FROM GOLDWELL'S ELUMEN OFFER Optimizes the electric charges inside the hair, allowing Elumen pigments to.
Goldwell Elumen Lock Color Sealing Treatment +. Goldwell Elumen .. It gives great pure, bright, super pigmented colour. However, you need to.
Goldwell Elumen is a high-performance, oxdiant-free haircolor. Creates extra vibrant, shiny, and durable haircolor without damage. Does no contain peroxide or.

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MORE INFO Perfect your cut and show its diversity. Locks in the Elumen Hair Color. Defined lively bounce - gentle care thanks to neutral technology. So we know that only a stylist-exclusive brand that meets all your professional needs can help you reach all your goals.

A coloring process that eclipses conventional technologies: the Elumen magnet-effect creates a new dimension of intensity and durability. MORE INFO MORE INFO The gently high performance neutral wave. Maintains the special Elumen brilliance and extends the color intensity. MORE INFO NECTAYA IS THE FIRST COLOR WITHOUT AMMONIA AND WITHOUT AMMONIA-ODOR THAT ENRICHES THE HAIR WITH NURTURING CARE CREATING THE BEST BASIS FOR BEAUTIFUL COLOR RESULTS, "goldwell elumen pure bbqlds". Discover the ultimate transformation. YOU DESERVE THE BEST SERVICE AND AMAZING RESULTS CREATED JUST FOR YOU.

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  • Extra care for porous hair in combination with Elumen Treat. Reduces the washout of Elumen Hair Color and increases durability.
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  • Goldwell elumen pure bbqlds
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High-performance oxidant-free hair color. Reduces the washout of Elumen Hair Color and increases durability. Contains no dye stuffs — for softening the color shades. Get inspired by a holistic color system that gives you boundless possibilities. THE HEALTHIER THE HAIR THE MORE BEAUTIFUL AND SHINY THE COLOR RESULT WILL BE.