Baby names maryland

baby names maryland

Bowie, MD - There were fewer Liams last year. What were the most popular baby names in Maryland in.
According to the Social Security Administration, these are these are the top 50 names for boys and girls in Maryland.
Pictures: Most popular baby names in Maryland. Boys' #1, Jacob. Reuters photo. Actor Taylor Lautner stars as Jacob in the "Twilight" movie series. Actor Taylor..

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Popular Baby Names in the U. Patch National Staff -. The meaning of the name Maryland is Mary's Land.

baby names maryland

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Baby names maryland - - expedition

You are commenting using your Facebook account. People who like the name Maryland also like: Shadi Vivian , Mya , Shaylee , Kristy , Fifi , Carrie , Alexandra Maryland is currently not ranked on the BN charts Maryland is currently not ranked in U.